Create and edit items in Shopware 5

Watch the video to see how to make and edit items at Shopware 5. This helps you market your own products and put them in your online shop. You can see from the demo shop what it looks like. A little help for a successful start into your own online business.

Wiki: Shopware is a modular online shop system developed in Germany since 2004. It is available both as open source software and in commercial editions. Up to Shopware 5 it is a pure shop system with CMS functionalities, which can be adapted to the needs of the user by several thousand extensions. According to the manufacturer, this software will continue to be maintained until at least 2024. With the version Shopware 6, which was introduced in May 2019 and which pursues an API-first approach, not only has a completely new technological basis been created, but also headless commerce can be implemented with the software.

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