Fight against Coronavirus – Computing power and gaming against Covid-19

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The coronavirus hits the world pretty hard. They are (as of 12. March 2020) 126,660 infected and 4,641 dead. In Europe, Italy is the most affected country, with 12,462 people infected and 827 dead. In Germany, the virus is also spreading more and more. First schools were closed, the Czech Republic closed the border with Germany except for 35 crossings. More than 2000 infected and now 3 dead. To the live map

But anyone can help develop a vaccine and an antidote.

Since many of you have a potent computer with a lot of computing power, but older and slower devices are also suitable for this, there are various ways to help. You support various research institutions with BOINC. With unused performance of your computer or laptop. The research facility is busy developing vaccines and antidote to various diseases. Research also includes a vaccine against coronavirus.

BOINC's name

  1. How does BOINC work ?

    BOINC uses free computing power from private PCs to use it for research. There are various institutions that use it, for example the development of vaccines.

  2. Where can I help?

    You download the installation file from the BOINC Official Page. The packag
    e with VirtualBox Link is recommende

  3. What happens after installation?

    After installation, you select a research facility. I
    n the picture you can see which research facility is currently manufacturing a vaccine against the corona virus. Rosetta Home is one of them.
    BOINC Fight against Corona

  4. What data do I need to provide ?

    BOINC asks you for an email and password, in some cases also for a name. This serves to assign and reassign your client to the various tasks.

  5. What do I have to do next?

    The last step is simply to run your PC. The program uses e.g. the unused disk space. If your AFK goes please close sclose all programs and browser windows, so BOINC can pull more power.

FolditGaming against Coronavirus

For all those who want to help actively develop a vaccine against COVID-19, there is still a nice game. AT FOLDIT, scientists can help create and optimize a protein.

FlodIT Fight against Coronavius

Foldit is an experimental computer game designed to help scientists optimize proteins. It is being developed in collaboration with the Computer Science and Engineering and Biochemistry departments at the University of Washington; among other things, many people from the Rosetta@home project are involved. Foldit's approach is a combination of crowdsourcing and distributed computing. The first public beta version was released in May 2008.

Goal of the game

The goal of the game is to "fold" the best possible protein. The game does not require any prior knowledge of the various proteins or other scientific fields. The program automatically takes over the evaluation and evaluation of your create protein. To start the game there is a tutorial, which briefly explains the steps of the game. In addition, you get various tools to modify and adjust your protein structure.

If you change the structure of the protein you get a score based on how well your protein is folded. For each puzzle there is a high score calculated as a single or as a group solution in real time.

Official site:


Who ever take part in the fight against the coronavirus has here 2 very nice possibilities. Support is urgently needed, whether with computing power or if your gaming skills contribute to it. Also games are affected by the coronavirus, read here.


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