Corona Virus : First app flies out of store

Plague Inc
Corona Virus : First app flies out of store

The game climbed the top 10 on the Appstore in record time. It was recently at number one on the charts for IOS and Android, but now it has been closed to the Chinese market. The talk is about Plague Inc., a game where you slip into the role of a virus and try to wipe out the whole world. According to China, the game contains some Illegal Content and has been banned from the Appstore with immediate effect, so it is no longer possible to download in China Plague Inc. Many suspect the cause would be the Corona Virus (COVID-19) , whether the real tuning has not been confirmed. On 02. On March 1, 2020, the game was also banned for PC in China. Steam confirms that the game is no longer available for download. It is unclear whether the users who have previously placed the game in their library can play Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is available for IOS and Android. In the game you take on the role of a virus , which you can constantly develop. Decisions have been made about how the virus is transmitted, what symptoms the virus causes and what it is resistant to. At the beginning, you look for a country where the epidemic is breaking out and you get points for more infections. Soon the epidemic will become a pandemic and spread around the world, the world's population trying to produce an antidote. If you lose the game, you should make your virus quite deadly, that it quickly wipes out the countries that are researching an antidote. The goal is to infect and kill the whole world.

Plague Inc Gameplay
Corona Virus : First app flies out of store


In times of the Corona virus, you don't necessarily have to play and publish such games. But everyone has to know for themselves whether they play it or not. By and large a game for which you need heads.

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