#PlayApartTogether: Coronavirus WHO advises more gaming

Who advises more gamingCoronavirus #PlayApartTogether - WHO advises more gaming
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#PlayApartTogether – Coronavirus the WHO advises more gaming .

It sounds a bit absurd that the World Health Organization or, in English, the World Health Organization, or WHO, is asking people to play more games.

Since there was a contribution to Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD) some time ago and this was officially registered as a disease picture. The name Internet Gaming Disorder refers to computer addiction, or addiction to computer games. IDG is more often found in adolescents or young adults and comes with various medical conditions, including depression and self-isolation.

In a tweet from WHO Ambassador Ray Chambers, one reads:

We are at a crucial moment to define the results of this pandemic. Gaming companies have a global audience – we encourage everyone to #PlayApartTogether. More physical distancing + other measures help to smooth the curve + save lives.

Ray Chambers

Many game manufacturers and publishers have gathered under the hashtag #PlayApartTogether.

Among them are well-known names such as Activision | Blizzard, Riot Games and Amazon Twitch's streaming platform.

EA , Ubisoft and Microsoft have not yet made a decision to participate in this initiative.

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick recently tweeted:

#PlayApartTogether to smooth the curve. It has never been so important for people to stay at home and stay connected safely. Games allow us to stay connected through the lens of joy, purpose and meaning

Bobby Kotick


The game makers and publishers as well as streaming platforms are definitely the winners of the Corona crisis. The initiative is a good thing to reduce the new infections. But one should not try to take the money out of people's pockets with the already scarce short-time working allowance, with in-game purchases, "battle passes" or other liabilities. Buying skins isn't a necessity, but many reach for their wallets with massive advertising and "offers."

In order to survive such a time in community, you should switch off all premium offers or make them available free of charge until further notice.

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