How to create my own stream

Watch the video to see how you create your own stream. Streaming has become more and more popular in recent times. Not only games , but also music , drawings and much more can be streamed.

Anyone who has a semi-potent Pc can start immediately.

There are several ways to create a stream. The video covers OBS (Open Broadcaster Studio). Creating a stream is also possible with Xsplit.

Xsplit is available as a free version and a paid version. With the paid version of Xsplit you get many useful functions. These are, for example, the Follower Alert.

The advantage of Xspilt is that the program automatically adjusts the bandwidth and resolution of the stream. Thus, the program is very beginner-friendly.

Link to Xsplit HERE

OBS is a pure open source variant that is available free of charge. There are various plugins and codes to customize Open Broadcaster to your needs.

Link to Open Broadcaster Studios HERE

Accessories for the stream

However, a stream requires additional accessories. The basic requirement is a strong and stable Internet connection, otherwise the stream will stop.

Other accessories would be a good and clear microphone.

Optionally, there are many more gadgets, for example a Green Wall.

With a green wall you can "cut out" your background, you can choose your background with it freely. It would make sense to enlarge the game, which it looks like you are sitting in the game.

Many successful streamers use studio microphones and have insulated your gaming area with acoustic foam. This insulation minimizes ambient noise and echoes.



The important thing is the sound in your stream, you can create this with a proper microphone.

Personally, I think the Razer Seiren X is very good.