EBay Classifieds Start Corona Help Requests

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The ads portal Ebay Classifieds opens a new category. Neighbourhood Help Starts today on the platform. The platform wants to provide space for help and assistance in times of the Corona crisis.

EBay Classifieds Start Corona Help Requests

With Neighbourhood Assistance, the Ebay Classifieds platform responds to the current circumstances of the Corona crisis. In this category, all offers of help and requests are bundled. Neighbourhood help can be published free offers, such as going shopping or walking with the dog.

The platform meets the request and the numerous offers of help and support with this category. The company aims to make all applications more discoverable and to strengthen its commitment to help.

Respiratory masks and disinfectants have been excluded from the platform for a short time and may no longer be sold there. This is intended to curb price growth and various fun offers.

If an ad with such articles slips through the filter system, you can report the offer to Ebay classified ads.

No personal handover of goods

The portal has also responded to the Infection Protection Act and no longer recommends the personal handover of goods. Ebay Classifieds has placed a lot of emphasis on a personal handover. The company now recommends preferring shipping. Payment should be made contactless if possible. The principle of allowing collection is therefore suspended until further notice.

Please pay attention to proper packaging when shipping, as well as sufficient upholstery. In the case of fragile goods, this can be clearly applied to the package.

If you are making payment with Paypal, be careful not to send them via Paypal friends. With Paypal friends, the recipient has no fees, but your buyer protection expires. If you don't receive the goods, the money is gone. In order to support Ebay classified ads, it is advantageous to include the display number in the text box , as well as discussed key points.

If you receive payments with Paypal please deposit, after shipping, a shipment number. If you would like to know your fees for receiving a payment, please use the fee calculator.

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