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Facebook Gaming App is the competition to Twitch

Facebook is launching its own game streaming app for Android. For many of you, Twitch, Mixer or the older ones are also known as Hitbox. Streaming games is still on trend. Millions of users stream their own games live on different platforms.

Esport tournaments and other events are becoming more and more popular with spectators. Many viewers also support their various favorite streamers. One of the most famous streamers is Ninja , who is now at Mixer under Vertag and does this full time. The streamers usually earn several thousand euros per stream.

To secure the revenue from the platforms, these percentages get from Donate or show viewers advertisements. These also generate a lot of revenue from the streaming portals.

Since Facebook also wants to tap into this source of income, the company is developing its own app.

Facebook Gaming App

The app for Android is out on May 20. It was released on April 1, 2020 and is only available for Android, ios is scheduled to follow later.

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The app has an important unique selling point, you can stream mobile games directly to your facebook wall.

This is not possible with Twitch or Mixer.

Many streamers play Mobile Games live, one of the most popular games is Clash Royale.

The live streams for this game usually have several thousand viewers.


The Gaming App is a great alternative for streamers who like to share their games on Facebook. According to Facebook, more than 700 million people search for the gaming category every day.

Whether you can also stream games from your PC or console with the app is not yet known.

As a streamer, you should usually focus on one platform, you don't need more from streaming platforms.

Currently, live streaming is possible at : Youtube, Twitch, Mixer and Facebook Gaming.

For sustainable content, I find the live stream on Youtube best. You can put your stream directly as a video on Youtube, so you can always reach viewers without duplicate work.

You wanted to play your mobile games on your PC ?

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