Hardlight VR Suit – Don't Just Play the Game. Feel it.

Hardlight VR Suit - Don't Just Play the Game. Feel it.
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Hardlight VR Suit the revolution in the revolution of VR.

Many gamers dreamed at that time to immerse themselves in their favorite game and to experience the game completely.

This has become possible with virtual reality technology, but NullSpace VR not only wants you to play your game, but also to experience it with your senses.

With the Hardlight VR Suit, much of the world of VR is changing. The games become Real, this brings gamble to a new level.

The developers are working with some game publishers to develop games for this "suit".


The vest has several aspects:

  • Resistant to sweat
  • Comfortable
  • low weight
  • Body Tracking
  • Compatible with different systems
  • ¬†16 positional haptics sensors

These sensors are located on the shoulder, chest, arm, upper abdomen and back. The sensors are not only there for tracking, but the pads can also vibrate.

This feature allows the games to feel. When a shot hits at a game, you notice a blow through the vibration. This is also possible in different fighting games that the hits are noticeable there and also the control of the weapon in some games becomes more accurate with the vest.

If you already own the vest, you can select and use the Hardlight Suit under Steam – VR Support – Hardlight Suit.

The sale on Kickstarter was released on 11 May. January 2019 updated for the last time. 349 supporters contributed 147,574 dollars to realize this project.

Link to Kickstarter

Conclusion on Hardlight VR Suit

This vest makes VR games palpable and at an affordable price. Unfortunately, it is not clear on the homepage whether the release was made or not. The only clue you can find on the homepage is that the project is now open source. This means that any developer can participate.

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