Hunting Simulator 2 – The hunt continues

Hunting Simulator is known for beautiful graphics and a reasonably realistic hunting behavior.

Hunting Simulator is now going into the 2nd round with Hunting Simulator 2, which will please many fans. Various elements are presented in the new trailer.

Among them are a newly designed landscape, which was already super beautiful in the first part and invited to linger and enjoy. The animal behavior and sounds have been revised, so the animals are and yours act even more realistic and fluid. From the bear to the rabbit, a variety of animals are again there to hunt in the different zones of the map. The change between day and night is more fluid and you can really follow the course of the sun before it sets. The fans can look forward to weapons and equipment, there should be a variety of new equipment.

The landscape is beautifully designed as seen in the trailer and offers different Jadg zones, the mountain landscape with lots of snow and stormy weather. The valley with its rivers and hills. The forest with gigantic trees that move gently in the wind.

The developer Studio Neopica has already released the first part of this exciting and truly impressive series. The publisher is Bigben Interactive.

Hunting Simulator 2 is scheduled for 25 May. It will be released on June 1, 2020 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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A new day in the wilderness of Canada begins, the sun rises slowly and you can imagine that today will be a wonderful day. The thermometer shows 9 degrees Celsius at 6 o'clock tomorrow. You put on your hunting clothes, tighten your boots and open your weapon cabinet. There hangs your favorite rifle, a pistol and lock gear. You shoulder your backpack and enter this wonderful and unique nature. At the lake is a good place to hunt, you think and pitch your observation post there. After some time the first animals come to drink something, but today you want to succumb to the king of the forest, a bear. The observation first falls on a deer, many small animals such as rabbits and rabbits. You continue to observe the surroundings in front of you, the view sweeps over the lake, which glistens in the sun like a crystal. It rustles and your attention is focused on a small group of trees. There he now stands a big black bear, which looks so peaceful and trusting from this distance. The fur shines in the sun and it moves slowly and calmly. It's now time for you, you're taking the rifle carefully and slowly. It is loaded and the backup dissolves with a quiet click. Your heart races, but you control your breath and keep the rifle calm. In the Cross of the Civilizer you see this beautiful animal. The fingers easily tighten the trigger. Your breath stops briefly.

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