KAT Walk C – VR treadmill for home

KAT Walk C the VR treadmill for home goes completely through the ceiling on Kickstarter. This treadmill is produced and distributed by KAT VR.

The KAT Walk C is a treadmill for VR gamers, which allows free movement on action-loaded Virtuall Reality Games.


  • The treadmill is specially developed for gamers.
  • Unique Omni-Directional Treadmill (ODT) technique, allowing 360 degrees of freedom of movement.
  • With 0.7 square meters suitable in almost any room
  • High-quality material
  • Various motion detection
  • Backrest the safety offers you but does not restrict
  • low price
  • Special shoes are included

Who hasn’t always wanted to dive into Ready Player One? This is possible with the KAT Walk C.

The treadmill specially developed for gamers offers a unique gaming experience with the ODT technology. The full freedom of movement is realized by the backrest and with the included shoes you can move like in the real world. The price for less than 1000€ is completely justified for a 360 degree treadmill of around 0.7 square meters. The material used and motion tracking have been tested for a long time and implemented with very high quality.

According to the manufacturer, it should also eliminate the Motion Sickness. A lot of players suffer from nausea when the actual perception is obscured and you’re in the game, so to speak. I myself am also such a candidate who unfortunately does not tolerate virtual reality. The nausea is comparable to one that you have after a roller coaster ride, only that with Motion Sickness still dizzy. The nausea doesn’t evaporate so quickly, this can last for several hours.

Types of movement


The easy and fast turning is realized by the shoes and the smooth surface.

Kat Walk C Rotate

Race and running

Race and running as well as stopping should be possible without delay.


Ducking and leaning forward

Ducking is necessary in every VR game, the security gives you the backrest. In addition, a kind of band is installed, this also allows the safe forward leaning.


Various games are supported by KAT Walk C, so there is something for everyone, the project can be supported in different ways in the development on Kickstarter.

The Early Support for 699 Dollars is no longer available.

You can buy the Kat Walk C for 999 dollars.

Link to Kickstarter


A dream of every gamer. Think that statement is enough. If the product really promises and it does, it would be gigantic.

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