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A new game has been released, Steam / Uplay / Origin / Epic Games charge for your game 50€ and more ?

I collect games like other stamps, currently I own well over 600 games. Most games I don't play but It's all about owning. I usually don't buy new games for 50€ or more at least not at full price.

In order to get a good comparison of the prices I usually look at If there is not the desired price I look at, there you will usually find a cheap provider. Keys/ Accounts that do NOT run on Steam can also be purchased, also XBOX One and Playstation 4 as well as Nintendo Switch games can be purchased there as a key or account.

As an example, let's take Fifa 20 for the PC.

Enter the desired title in the search bar.

Various offers are proposed at different prices.

Choose the offer you want.

Usually a shield is offered, which is a hedge for the buyer if the key does not work, but this function costs extra.

When paying with Paypal, there are usually a few additional fees.

If you buy the game, you get the key within an hour.

Go to the selected platform e.g. Steam and enter the key.

Have fun 😀


I myself don't like to pay too much for a game and often buy from other vendors. Even I do not use a shield function because you usually pay via Paypal. The savings are already quite large with many titles, also you can buy random keys via different sites if you want to be surprised.

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