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Wrestling Game for smartphones

Indie Wrestler Game is from fans to fans. The RPG Mobile Game collects grad support on Kickstarter. So far (as of March 24, 2020) €213 has been raised for the project, the target of €43,000 has not been reached.

What is Indie Wrestler Game?

Indie Wrestler Game is, as the name suggests, a wrestling game for smartphones. It should be possible in the game to create your own wrestler and to get a title fight in different matches and promos and win it. Another focus is that you can train your skills, make decisions influence the game or the campange and also improve your equipment. Promo or promotions will help your character, better fight, unlock other opponents and game modes.

The actions and moves will be selected via text box and supported by a "live" commenter.

What features does the game offer?

The game will only be released for your smartphone. Android and IOS are covered.

How to play the games on PC, you can find HERE.

An online mode should be available for fighting between and with friends. There are different ways to win a fight. On the basis of the texts you can select your move and is informed by the commentator about the events on the current contents. Another feature is the improvement and design of your wrestler.

You can find the Kampange on Kickstarter .

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An interesting game for wrestling fans. How the game plays itself via the text possibility and whether the fun can be maintained for a long time remains to be seen. Personally, I like to watch a few matches from WWE, whether RAW or Smackdown. In the game I find the fun suffers from texts, as a wrestling fan you want action and not text blocks. But you have to see that when the game is released.

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