Maneater – Shark Alarm in Your Living Room

You love the movies of the white shark ? Then there is the right game for all shark fans.

Maneater is just right for brutal shark action. The game was developed by Tripwire Interactive and is suitable for people over 16.

In the game you are the white shark and eat everything that gets you in the cross. Whether turtles, fish or humans, you are hungry for everything. The game has a very beautifully depicted and detailed underwater world and different organisms.

You move quietly through the water or let your shark fin look out of the surface from time to time, then you dive and pick up. You swim like an arrow to the surface of the water and grab the surfer, you hurl it into your mouth through the air and take him into his wet grave. The only thing that still reminds of the surfer is his broken surfboard and a blood-red water.

Since only eating would be boring, after a series of attacks on swimmers and surfers there are also divers with harpoons or boats with armed persons who make life difficult for you as fish. In the beginning there are still smaller boats, but the coast guard does not wait long.

You eat your way through a total of 7 different regions and level or grow into an even more brutal eating machine.

Sharks, of course, are not such brainless eating monsters as depicted in the game and also in the movies of the "White Shark".

These animals are already threatened with extinction, no one should be afraid of sharks, but only a good dose of respect. After all, you move into your home as a swimmer and surfer.


The game was released on May 22. May 2020 and will be available on Epic Games for currently €32.99, Maneater can now be pre-ordered.

Link to the game HERE

A slightly different game for in between. In my opinion, the game offers short-term fun but will surely get boring in the long run. For the price you really have to estimate whether such a game is worth it.

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