Making money with Fortnite

To the game

Fortnite is a Battle Royal, this means it competes against teammates, whether in a team or alone. So you land "naked" without weapons on an island and have to re-equip yourself first. Weapons, ammunition, resources and bandages are collected.

The last survivor won. But Fortnite is not a normal King of the Hill , Last Man Standing or Battle Royal, it captivates with a comic graphics and with a lot of humor.

Epic Games has many collaborations with well-known film manufacturers and so a new Easter Egg or Game Merchandise comes into the game again and again. This is usually implemented by new skins.

Thanks to the comic graphics it is also possible to enjoy the older or slower device full fun without lags. The crossplay principle works great, so you can experience the game together on PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and also on different smartphones.

Another difference is that you can build buildings and cover. for one curse, for the other blessing, so you can play many variations and everyone comes to his taste.

The in-game currency you have to buy with real money, unless you own the PVE variants Save the World, is called V-Bucks. With V- Bucks you can buy new skins (appearance), emote (characters and dances in the game) or the Battle Pass.

A Battle Pass is a reward system and adds another to the free to play quests already in place. In the pass you also get V-Bucks, Skin for the character or weapon / Boo, as well as new emotes. The game Fortnite is from the developer of Epic Games and will enter its 12th round on 20.02.2020.

The game principle in short version : Spawn / Kill / Die / Repeat 😀

Streaming / Youtube

Many dreams of it, but hardly anyone perseveres. There are a lot of streamers on Twitch but just as many don't stand the pressure. Many think living as a streamer or Youtuber is easy. But many forget that good content isn't just shaken off their wrists. Fortnite play many, so you have to stand out from the crowd.


Epic Games always brings new tournaments, from a certain level or hype (which you earn in arena games e.g. by shots or victories) you can participate in tournaments with prize money. A 16-year-old who won a Fortnite tournament is now 3 million dollars richer.


If you are well versed in the game and also have some experience in the game, you can also coach beginners. The hourly rate is 10-50 dollars. Of course, you should also have a certain feeling for coaching or to teach new skills and patience.

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