Fortnite Season 12 News

Season 11 is coming to an end and has delighted us with many new skins and missions.

What changes could come in Season 12?

Epic Games has announced that there will be a new engine in Season 12.

This we expect the "Chaos Engine" from Epic's own house.

This engine brings the hoped-for Phsyics into the game, and it might be possible to shoot through gaps and cracks of walls and buildings. How it will be implemented in Fortnite is unfortunately not yet known.

Will the Battlepass become more expensive?

The Battlepass cost 11 950 V-Bucks in the Seasion, but hopefully this won't change. The boost at level 25 will certainly also be available for 2,400 V-Bucks.

Is there a new map?

So far, the map has been changed with each new season, so we can look forward to redesigning the map 🙂

New game mode 08.02.2020

The new game mode Search and Destroy is now Live.

Search and Destroy mode is known from Call of Duty and the Counter Strike series.

Two teams of 5 team members compete against each other. One team (Destroyer) has to lay the bomb and the other team (Defender) has to defend the bomb site. In each game there are 2 bomb sites for laying the bomb. Once the bomb is placed, the destroyers must protect the bomb from defusing. Defenders must try to prevent or defuse the placement of the bomb.

There is no respawn in this game mode. You have to wait until the round is over.

In total there are 7 rounds, whoever wins 5 of them wins the game.

News Feb 19, 2020

The servers go down at 4 a.m. on 20.020.2020 for the 12.0 update so the Battlepass arrives on time

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