New World – Best MMO 2020?

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New World – First Amazon Game – Will it be the best MMO 2020?

As you know, Amazon has long since ceased to be a bookretailer. The Group covers almost all areas of life and is not for nothing one of the big players. So it was only a matter of time before you want to conquer the gaming market. Amazon is launching its MMORPG, a hopefully strong competitor to World of Warcraft and Archeage.

New World is the title of Amazon Game Studios on May 26, 2006. May 2020. Unfortunately, the first beta tests were not so successful. Still, it's perhaps one of the best MMO 2020?

First Amazon Game - will it be the best MMO 2020?

New World is scheduled to play in the year 1600 and bring classic MMO content, as well as crafting, farming, PVP and of course PVE.

Since the game system of Archeage has become more and more established in recent times, housing will probably also be possible, i.e. players can buy a plot of land and build a house, castle or farm on it. Archeage is grad the leading game in the field of farming and housing.

Personally, I like to play a round of archeage, the building and crafting system is super fun and you can sail with your ship across the world's oceans to fish, dive or fight yourself.

I have a lot of hope in the new MMO , perhaps even the best MMO 2020.

Amazon hasn't really announced much about the payment model yet.

You can pre-order the game on Amazon for €39.99.


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