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Many of you dreamed of becoming a Pokemon trainer as a child. With the blue and red versions for the Gameboy, the adventure began on 27 May. February 1996. Even 24 years after its release, the hype is still unbroken. There are cuddly toys, collectible cards, clothes and other merchandise of the cuddly animals. Temtem brings the alternative.

There are a whole range of different games and versions of Pokemon. A list can be found HERE.

All games except Pokemon Go were for Nintendo consoles, with Pokemon GO it was possible to unite even more players around the world with their smartphones. Whether Android or IOS everyone plays Pokemon Go.

But what about the PC players?

For Poke fans, there are few alternatives for a Pokemon collection adventure on PC. With the exception of Pokemon Card Games and some really good fan production, there are no games for the computer from the official developer Game Freak or the Pokemon Company.

Temtem appears as Pokemon alternative on Steam

For all those who do not know Temtem, this is not the end of the world. The game from the development team CremaGames is on 21. It was released on Steam on January 1, 2020.

The MMORPG was advertised on Kickstarter for a long time and was very successful there. The price for the game on Steam grade is €30.99.

What is Temtem ?

Temtem is an MMORPG, similar to Pokemon. In the game, as usual, you choose your character and appearance, as well as the name of your tamer. Bändiger is the term for coaches in the game. As with the Pokemon parts, you start in your room and meet the professor who gives you the first Temtem. You have the choice between 3 different temtems, these have different abilities and different strengths or weaknesses. As with the well-known game game of Gamefreak, the "animals" possess different elements such as water, combat, fire and so on. The first battle with your new companions will follow soon and you will cast your Temtem card to free the monster. In combat you have the choice between the different attacks and some monsters can also choose AOE damage (damage to multiple monsters at the same time). All seen temtem scans are stored similar to a Pokedex and you can access them if you need more information about the monsters.

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Currently there are 3 islands and about 80 Temtem monsters available. The game is still in the Early Access.

A version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch is to follow. You can also buy the game at humblestore.

For help and tips visit Temtem Wiki


Temtem is a fun monster-gathering adventure which hopefully gets many more nice updates.

For an early access it is easy to play and for your price you can take the game with you.

Online relationship i have not tested playing with friends yet, but I find it very successful and clans will soon join.

On Steam you will find many postitive posts but also negative ones as there is much to grind about.

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