Rainbow Six Siege – Free Weekend

Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend
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© Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege is from 11. June to 15 June. June 2020 free of charge.

Many of you know the exciting ego shooter Rainbow Six Siege. The early free weekend is available on all platforms. RS6 is currently available on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

The shooter is about defending a hostage in front of the arriving police officers as a terrorist. The game mode is almost always the same, rather you protect a bomb site or free / protect a hostage.

Unfortunately, the game does not have a free for all or team deathmatch mode.

In Rainbow Six Siege, you choose your character first, which has different abilities. The game is very influenced by the selection of characters. There are also many freedoms, including various tactical procedures and blowing up and barricading walls and windows.

Attaching explosives and barbed wire is just as important as monitoring the cameras and mocking opponents.

The Aiming and the Weapon Controll sometimes take some getting used to. Despite the very tactical and calm procedure, the rounds are played quickly and you spend a lot of time in any lobby.

Successful rounds and completed missions allow you to earn points or in-game currency. This currency can be used to improve weapons and equipment. New characters with different abilities can also be purchased with these credits.

If you don't feel like it or have time to spend time on different missions, you can also buy the credits for real money.

The game can be downloaded for PC in the Ubisoft Launcher, for Xbox and Playstation in the respective store.


In Rainbow Six Siege there is a lot of action and explosions, despite thoughtful and tactical actions, you quickly get in the dirt. The different playable characters bring some variety to this tactics shooter and are really fun with different weapons. I like to play the mission sign to ensure good support for my team. It is recommended to play in a team of your own, as it is usually very turbulent with randoms.

Blasting and destroying is a great thing, which determines the game. You should pay attention to every little hole in the wall or unusual things on windows and doors, and you should never stand or lie around without cover anywhere. The explosions usually come unexpectedly and the subsequent spray of the opponents is difficult to survive.

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