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Competitor Kaufland has bought the online marketplace Kaufland itself is part of the Schwarz Group, to which LIDL belongs. The two retailers generated annual sales of 104 billion euros in 2018.

Kaufland invests a lot in advertising, both online and offline. With the acquisition of, Kaufland is now also entering the online business. The necessary financial resources are available for this entry and the Schwarz Group also draws on many experiences and expert knowledge.

The marketplace of was a good and solid pillar for many traders, as the communication was very cooperative and the problems of the traders were taken care of. The monthly prices were also very fairly set for the performance.

The principle of the marketplace is quite simple. A trader logs in to the site and pays a fee X per month. For this he gets a shop similar to a shopping center. Through this shop he can then sell his products. The fullfillment is usually carried by itself, not as with Amazon, but the dealers themselves ship the goods to the customer. At Amazon, it is also possible to send your goods to different shipping warehouses. From there, the customer receives his goods.

Kaufland wants to offer new opportunities for retailers and customers by buying from the marketplace.

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The potential and the necessary know-how is available at the Schwarz Group, as well as the financial means to keep such a project alive. I hope that the change of ownership will take place successfully and without any disadvantages for the trader. It remains to be seen how far the platform develops and other providers of such marketplaces regain strong competition. By and large, it was a matter of time before there would be new big players in online commerce. Whether they are successful is up to the community.

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