Riot donates millions to Corona Aid

Riot Game social impatct fund
Source: Riot Games Inc.

The game developer Riot Games donates millions to the Corona Help.

Riot Games Inc. was founded in Los Angeles in 2006 by CEO Brandon Beck.

The development team is known for League of Legends and Valorant. According to Wikipedia, the game LOL was played by 100 million gamers per month in 2016.

Due to the Corona crisis, many tournaments have been cancelled and therefore not much money goes into riot coffers.

The Game League of Legends is free to play and has a great esports scene behind it. The game belongs to the category of MOBA's. The goal is to use its pre-chosen character, which have different abilities to destroy the enemy base.

The developers launched the Riot Games Social Impact Fund a long time ago. In recent years, donations of more than USD 15 million have been donated to 25 different institutions.

Riot is also at the forefront of the current Corona crisis. The charitable fund will go to the City of Los Angeles for usd 1.5 million. This is intended to cover various costs in the fight against Covid-19. The main objective of this aid is to ensure that the infrastructure is kept running. These include, for example, the purchase of breathing masks and disinfectants for hospitals and individuals.

With this gesture, Riot Games also wants to encourage other big companies and game developers to donate money for the good cause and for the fight against the Corona virus.

Unfortunately, in such difficult times, there are those who consider their company to be a vital necessity and keep their shops open. A sad example of the miscarriage of opinion shows Gamestop.

Conclusion about Riot's fundraiser

I think it's a very strong move from Riot Games and a sign of solidarity with their community. The fund has been in existence for a few years and has helped many people out of the crisis.

Many more major developer studios should participate and fight the Corona virus. I hope that companies like Steam or Epic will also participate in such an action. It is also a sign of solidarity for the community and fans. The money helps not only companies but each individual. The gamer and game developer for solidarity and cohesion is no secret. There are also many examples for other help, such as the streams on Twitch. There are also a lot of smaller gamers or streamers who raise money for a good cause. Have a heart and help with .

How do you find the gesture of Riot Games ?

Which companies should still participate in the fundraiser?

Do you know a streamer or Youtuber who regularly runs a donation stream?

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