RTX Voice – Noise Killer

RTX Voice: Nivdia's graphics cards prevent noise


You want to gamble a round with your friends or even randoms and one comes into the lobby, who according to his noise level lives at the airport.

There are also many disruptive factors when streaming. The loud clicking of the keystrokes, the fans from the PC or simply a bad room acoustics.

With Nvidia's RTX Voice program, this is supposed to be a thing of the past. The "Service" is available for all RTX graphics cards and is designed to suppress noise.

The plugin is available for all RTX and Quadro RTX as beta version. You can use it for video conferencing, voice chats and live streams. The plugin works as a filter for ambient noise. Although it is still in beta, the plugin works really well.

RTX Voice emulates thanks to artificial intelligence, an additional microphone and can be used in many services. These include: Open Broadcaster Studio, Twitch Studio, Xsplit Broadcaster / Gamecaster, Battle.net Voice Chat, Discord and Google Chrome.

Some errors still occur with Skype, Zoom and WebEx , as well as Slack.

To use RTX Voice error-free in Steam, you have to be deactivated in the "Noise Cancellation" setting. After this setting you can use the plugin without any problems in Steam Chat.

For an installation guide, see NVIDIA[KLICK]

Conclusion to RTX Voice

For those who like to gamble or stream and don't want to buy a 300€ studio microphone, the plugin is a very successful alternative. Whether it will be available for more graphics cards or only for the RTX series remains to be seen. Finally you can joss with your mates without a turbine in your ear.

The plugin also offers great added value for viewers of live streams. In addition, you save an enormous amount of money for expensive equipment.

What do you say about this? Would you buy a new Graka to use the plugin or do you prefer to continue using the helicopter 😀

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