Shopware 5 – Easily Explained

Shopware 5 easy Explained to me means that I explain Shopware 5 to you without the need for programming knowledge.

Shopware 5 is now the 5th generation of this strong online platform. It is already being prepared for the successor Shopware 6. With its detailed designable in-store environment, you can adapt the shop system to all your wishes. In the CMS you can quickly find your way around as a layman and can manage customers there, see orders, create articles, install plugins and themes, edit text blocks, add or delete payment methods and much more.

In the video we start to set up a shop with the wizard of Shopware. This is fully automatic and is done with just a few clicks. The shop is ready to start immediately after installation. With this strong free online store, you can install many useful plugins and features. Since Shopware is free in the simple license, the alternatives like Magento get a strong competitor. With this shop system, you sell easily and uncomplicatedly, thus starting your online business almost without equity. The only investment you need to make is a good web host. I myself use the web host of ALL-INKL , i can only recommend this. The support there is simply world class and price performance is hard to top. ALL-INKL also offers one-click installation, so you don't need an FTP tool, as well as no experience with FTP. In the video I also briefly present you the most important plugins for starting into your online business.

In another video, I'll explain the first steps of how to make your item on Shopware 5.

There you can also see what you have to pay attention to when creating and editing items. I also explain a few generic terms such as ESD , crossselling and much more.

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