Steam: minor updates due to Corona crisis

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Steam announces to shrink the data for the next updates and to reduce the data rate of your networks, reason for this is the Corona crisis

Due to the current Corona crisis, many people are at home from closure, curfews or restriction or short-time work. Much of this is used by well-known streaming services such as Netflix , Amazon Prime , Joyn or Disney +. Netflix had long ago, as well as Youtube, announced to throttle your data. This makes streaming services effective with lower maximum resolution for movies and series.

Since Steam can't throttle resolution and doesn't want to make big cuts to the gamer world, the company has a small but effective solution.

With the next update from the largest gameluncher in the world, this will change will take effect. The company now brings its updates in small bites, so the network rate is not used at once, but at smaller intervals.

At this time of crisis, gamers are paying soaring. Many players gamble Call of Duty : Warzone but also Fortnite has an increasing number of players to report. As of March 30, 2020, 23.5 million gamers were active on the platform.

Experts fear that the Internet will soon become overloaded if companies do not reduce your data rate.

Steam, meanwhile, has a new update algorithm. Games you haven't played for 3 days are not automatically updated. These games get your update in small pieces.

The complete update is therefore only possible manually.


I think it is the right move at this difficult time. People can continue to gamble without restriction. Updates can also be installed on your own if you wish. I have a lot of games myself but I use maybe 2 or 3. If I have to ask for something else to play, I can start the updates myself and do not need an automatic update function.

What do you say about the new Steam Update?

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