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World War Z has a lot of what a neat lyritly action-packed shooter with lots of zombies needs.

The game comes from the developers Saber Interactive and uses the Swarm Engine.

Since 16. In April 2019, World War Z will be available for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

The game is from 18 years.

What is World War Z ?

The world has been infected by an evil virus, the streets are empty, or not?

A horde of undead roams the cities of Moscow, New York, Jerusalem, Tokyo, Sydney, Oslo, Barcelona, Denver, Cairo, Seoul, Budapest, Auckland, Buenos Aires, Paris and Johannesburg, for fresh meat. Humanity is almost wiped out except for a few. It is now up to you and 3 other players to defeat the zombies and secure your survival.

You have the choice in this cooperative third-person shooter, one of six start classes. You can choose the RevolverHeld (handguns), Hellraiser , Fixer ( Paramedic) , Slasher ( Melee / Melee Expert) and the Destroyer (Mass Control / AOE ). As the game progresses, you'll shoot yourself through masses of zombie hordes, unlocking new class advantage and new weapons. The already found equipment and the character can also be improved. The largest zombie hordes consist of 1,000 eating undead. If you have the idea to camp on a building, this is usually not the best. The zombies can climb on top of each other and visit you up there as well.

The game offers various quests that only get boring in the long run. The tasks are usually accompanied by survivors or defend some places.

Since it's not fun alone or just with NPC, the game offers five different online modes. The Modes are, for example, players against players against zombies. In this game mode, 2 teams fight each other in the typical Team Deathmatch and also have to defend themselves against zombies.

World War Z free on Epic Games for PC is available until 02. April 2020 17:00 a.m. FREE


A really successful game with lots of action and massive zombies. The gameplay is simple. Shooting and killing. As a coop, Of course, World War Z is in a good mood, especially if you just want to make your head out.

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